BioWare has released the latest content patch for their MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic today. Update 1.2 adds a slew of new content to the game and also makes several fixes.

The patch implements the Legacy system, which allows players to earn extras for all of their characters. For example, you can unlock extra character creation options or starship upgrades. You can also earn special abilities and buffs to make it easier to level alts.

Update 1.2 includes new challenges for all types of players. Ranked Warzones as well as a new Novare Coast Warzone should keep PvP-oriented players busy. Players focused on PvE, meanwhile, have a new Flashpoint and Operation to look forward to.

"The Trandoshan mercenary warlord Kephess has seized the planet Denova, a world rich in resources valuable to the war effort," BioWare says of the new Operation, Explosive Conflict. "Players must assault his war camp, situated atop a mountain in densely-wooded terrain, fighting Imperial defectors and heavy war machines along the way. 8- and 16-player Story and Hard Modes are currently available for this Operation."

The full patch notes for 1.2 can be found on the Old Republic forums. The trailer for Explosive Conflict is below.

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