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Star Wars: The Old Republic's newest patch will introduce another NPC companion for players to recruit. Treek is a fierce mercenary who also happens to be a lovable, fuzzy Ewok.

Players will recruit Treek in fairly mundane fashion. You walk to the Cartel Bazaar at your faction's fleet headquarters and pay a droid one million credits. You can also pay in Cartel Coins, the currency that can be purchased for real-world money now that the game's free-to-play. You'll need to be Legacy Level 40 to purchase Treek's services as well, so she's not a companion for newbies. Her opening cutscene is below, courtesy of

Though Treek is expensive company, she sounds very useful. She has two stances called X’ekra and Fektur that allow her to become a very effective tank or healer, respectively. Her list of abilities is split between these two roles. As you'd expect from an Ewok, her abilities are all very cutesy. For example, her AoE stun attack involves her throwing a bee hive at a group of enemies. She heals a group of friends by tossing berries at them.

I don't play SW:TOR anymore but if I did, I'd probably pass on Treek. My main was a Bounty Hunter so my companion of choice was a bad-ass Jawa mercenary named Blizz. I could see Treek being a popular choice for classes that don't have access to Blizz, though. She certainly has an impressive skill-set.

Treek will be introduced in Patch 2.3 for Old Republic. Other content included in 2.3 includes a new area called CZ-198, a moon that belongs to the Czerka Corporation. The moon features new daily missions, along with two factions that offer new equipment. CZ-198 is also home to two Flashpoints for group play. The patch is currently on the Public Test Server and should go live soon.

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