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Star Wars: The Old Republic Smuggler Class Trailer Released

Han Solo admirers will be able to follow in their idol's footsteps in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Smuggler class is perfect for players that don't want to be an emo Sith or goody two shoes Jedi.

A Smuggler relies on his skills and equipment to survive rather than the Force. He can branch into two advanced classes: the dual-wielding Gunslinger who can disable enemies with carefully-placed shots, and the Scoundrel, who relies on a wide range of items (such as a medpack and stealth belt) in addition to his blaster.

Regardless of a Smuggler's specialty, he'll have receive two big perks. The first is his own spaceship, a Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter. It looks a bit like the Ebon Hawk from Knights of the Old Republic or the Millenium Falcon. The Smuggler will also get his own Wookiee companion, Bowdaar. His bio states that he's a slave and gladiator; presumably you save him and he swears a life debt to you.

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