Some of you may or may not be familiar with Robert Clotworth, the voice of Terran rebel leader Jim Raynor from Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft series. Well, Clotworth lends his voice to a small television ad promoting DAGERS as part of the Intuit Small Business Big Game contest.

DAGERS is a website designed to review games for disabled gamers. The acronym stands for Disabled Accessibility for Gaming Entertainment Rating System. This system measures things very differently from other video game review websites as it covers the necessary gaming elements for disabled gamers to play and enjoy games, as opposed to superficial things like graphics, voice acting and whether or not the pea shooter sounds like a real-life AR-15.

DAGERS provides intuitive ratings for things like “Visual Rating”, which helps provide readers with an idea of how the color scheme and core design will affect gamers with mild or moderate visual disabilities, such as color blindness. Games that use color highlights for objects without additional sound cues or visual pointers can sometimes prove to be a real challenge for those with color blindness since... well, they can't see the colors.

Other measures for reviewing games via DAGERS includes “Fine-Motor Rating”, for those with moderate or severe muscle or motor skill impediments, and how accessible the game is for them. “Auditory Rating” measures things like subtitles or audio cues that may help gamers with auricular disabilities.

The system is definitely helpful for those who may have incurred some form of physical disability or was born with such a disability. It may not receive the attention it deserves but that's where Starcraft's Robert Clotworth comes in.

As showcased in the 90 second TV ad above, Clotworth speaks on behalf of the editor-in-chief at DAGERS, Josh Straub, to highlight and inform gamers of all types about DAGERS. It's a great way to get the name out there and bring some awareness to the issue of disabled gamers being fully engaged with interactive entertainment.

Straub commented about the TV ad and how he needed a voice to speak out on his behalf given his speech disability due to cerebral palsy...
“Given what we were trying to do, I was at a loss as to who should be the voice of our video. I contacted Robert, and he was more than willing to help,” … “I hope gamers around the world will appreciate the video’s message and share it with everyone they can. Whether or not we win, the message of DAGERS is important, and needs to be spread.”

DAGERS is aiming to win the Intuit Small Business Big Game contest in order to get the ad featured during Super Bowl XLVIII next year. You can vote for the DAGERS ad for the Intuit contest by paying a visit to the Small Business Big game contest page and voting for the ad.

For those of you interested in games being reviewed for disabled gamers, the DAGERS website is completely accessible right now with many of the latest games over on the DAGERS System website.

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