Small batches of developers from various studios are coming forward to pledge their support for the #GamerGate movement. These game-makers feel as if the industry needs a desperate change and have spoken up.

Brad Wardell, the CEO of Stardock Entertainment, a company known for games such as Sins of a Solar Empire and Galactic Civilization, has openly come out in support of the #GamerGate movement, writing some eye-opening words about how “toxic” the games media circuit has become: blog...
The problem is that the gaming media gets more hits from demonizing game makers which makes their audience angry and causes them to lash out at the appointed villain. So contextless articles are written designed to make you hate someone, usually people that the article writer already has a problem with. Those articles then live on via search engines perpetuating people being mad and going after the appointed villain. Toxicity is created, spread and maintained.

He felt that the gaming media portrayed him as one of these villains after he was sued for sexual harassment by a former employee. The case was later dismissed.

Wardell just recently made a post titled “#GamerGate – The Free Ride is Over”, making it known that...
“...the bulk of the “anti-#GamerGate” crowd, are perfectly comfortable with harassment and abuse as long as it’s the right people doing the harassment and abuse: Themselves.”

Both sides have managed to spew some hateful things, but most major media outlets only focus on the abuse that anti-#GamerGate individuals encounter. A website called GamerGateHarassment chronicles the abuse that also comes from those supposedly championing “inclusion” by promoting the “death” of the gamer identity.

An independent developer named Devi Ever made also stepped forward, making a 25-minute long video explaining some of the hurdles of dealing with cliques in the games media, saying...
“The nail in the coffin for me was when I had a friend in the industry say 'Hey, you should talk to Ben Kuchera [from Polygon], because he's open-minded and he'll listen to you.' I was like 'Are you f—king kidding me?' and they were like 'No, you should really talk to him.'

“So I e-mailed him and he e-mailed me back. And it was cool, and he was like 'We should talk' and I was like 'Holy s—t. This is actually happening'. But what happened is, the day I really started committing to GamerGate – and one of the people I think really needs to be exposed and is just a really awful person at times is Leigh Alexander [from GamaSutra], so I just started re-tweeting her old tweets where she was just being a sh—thead – within an hour of Ben trying to setup a date for me [to get interviewed] at Polygon, he went from 'Yeah, yeah, let's setup a date' to 'I'm going to have to decline this interview'.”

Devi also released an image of the e-mail exchange here.

It's not just the smaller developers stepping forward. Supposedly, a member of the original Xbox One design team posted anonymously on 4chan, using a photo of the white Xbox One that Microsoft sent out to the 2013 launch team as proof – stating the following...
“Me and a large part of my work colleagues support #gamergate. We work to create an amazing experience for our customers, for the gamers, and in return we are branded as misogynists, fat, neck-bearded creeps by these so-called 'journalists'. Yes, almost all of us here in this studio are gamers. We, on a personal level do NOT approve of these websites (which, at the end of the day, make money on our work) and their biased articles and lacking ethics.

“Note that this is not my company's official stance on this matter. Some developers from the industry have already made public remarks regarding this (hats off to you guys), but our company hasn't issued an official stance, and will most likely not do so any time soon.”

Of course, is it possible someone purchased a near $3,000 Xbox One unit from eBay and then posted the #GamerGate post-it in the photo to boost morale? It's possible, but that's a very expensive way to troll.

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