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Wowsers, some of these Steam Machines look sexier than that next-door neighbor model you've been drooling over for the past couple of months, but you realize you'll never be able to approach them because of that beer and chips diet that made you all self-conscious and now you feel all embarrassed even thinking about it. It's okay, I have a remedy. Look and gaze upon greatness, so that you may forget about your woes.

Wrought with awesomeness and basked in magnificence, some of these Steam Machines from various OEMs just look fan-darn-tastic. All the screenshots come courtesy of Ars Technica, by the way. As they managed to get floor shots and PR bullshots to help sell gamers on how cool these upcoming living room PC-consoles will be.

But look, there's no reason to wait to get to the screenshot section to start oogling and “ahh”ing over these devices. Check out the Origin PC Steam Machine in this shot below. It looks slick.

Some users see the case devices like that and query about disk drives. That's a reasonable concern. Take note that you can still plug in an external drive if you really want to (no different than what you'll have to do for the Xbox One once external hard drive support arrives.) So disk drive support isn't too much of a worry.

Also, if you're short on space you can consider something very compact and limited on girth, height, width and overall storage amicability. Gigabyte offers their tiny box-sized Steam Machine for those of you looking for an expensive yet miniature living room solution in which you can game, stream and engage in social interaction. Check it out below.

I'm not really into the whole compact car look. However, I can see how it might appeal to those with limited space, which is something that a lot of standard PC designs don't always take into account, especially for a living room entertainment solution.

Ars also managed to snap some shots of each of the systems in the wild, as they were on display at CES for the press to drool over with unabated anticipation and eagle-eyed glee.

For me, the best console on display from any of the OEMs is still the CyberpowerPC. Seriously, that thing looks absolutely, freaking awesome. So much badass. Check it out below.


I think the most marketable Steam Machine that shows a lot of commercial appeal is still the one from iBuyPower, though. It has a sleek and simple design and looks like something a casual consumer might find enticing for its price point. It also seems to fit in well with the overall rectangular design that the other two consoles from Sony and Microsoft are sporting.


The iBuyPower and CyberPowerPC kind of stand opposite of the competition, like Webhallen's mini-fridge looking tower or Zotac's box that looks like the misaligned love child between a Cisco router and the OnLive streaming box. Oh yeah, and don't forget to check out the fake "X"-box... ha, classic.

You can scope out the shots of the Steam Machines below from each of the respective OEMs or visit Ars Technica for a detailed breakdown of each OEM's specs and prices, as well as more shots of each of the PC-style consoles. You can also check out Gaming Blend's own specs breakdown of the Steam Machine vs the PS4 and Xbox One to see which one offers you the most bang for your buck.

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