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SteelSeries, best known as a leading manufacture of cutting-edge of gaming peripherals, including headsets, mice and controllers, has announced that they have a brand new headset and gaming mouse available for Diablo III on their web-shop as well as popular UK retail chain, Argos.

The new headset and mouse offers gamers a complete core-experience along with the aesthetics that gamers have grown to love and enjoy from Blizzard's demon-slashing and devil-hacking dungeon crawler, Diablo.

Blizzard's third outing for the popular PC title has been met with a lot of positive reactions to the gameplay, but not-so-much love for the always-on DRM. For the people who can play without any problems SteelSeries has a nice duo of aesthetic and gameplay goodness, including the new headset and the mouse, which can endure up to 9 million clicks. Now that's a mouse primed and ready for some dungeon crawling.

UK gamers get a special treat of being able to pick up the new mouse and headset from the Argos retail shop, enabling gamers to get a first-hand look and feel of the gear before laying any hard-earned cash down on the peripherals.

The Diablo III mouse is available right now for $69.99, and you can order it directly from the SteelSeries web-shop. The SteelSeries Diablo III head-set with configurable settings, retractable microphone and 50mm driver units is also available right now for $119.99. You can pick up both the mouse and/or the headset right now or learn more by paying a visit to the Official SteelSeries Website.

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