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Nintendo has released the fifth and final batch of DLC Coin Rush Packs for New Super Mario Bros. 2, giving 3DS players the chance to tackle the “Mystery Adventure Pack” and the “Impossible Pack,” each providing three new time rush maps for $2.50 a pop.

It looks like Nintendo is finally starting to get a handle on this whole DLC thing. Since New Super Mario Bros. 2's release, the publisher has unleashed four sets of DLC, each offering a pair of levels meant to challenge the player's skills and greed for gold coins. The last of these DLC duos is now available, offering some of the trickiest maps to conquer yet.

First up is the Mystery Adventure Pack, which challenges the player to take various different paths on the way to the finish line on a quest for the most coins and fastest time. Course 1 takes place underground while Course 2 offers an auto-scrolling romp through flying blocks and Course 3 tasks you with using various objects to make your way to the end.

The second bit of DLC, the Impossible Pack, will challenge players to make it through the toughest levels ever created for the game without a single power-up or coin to help them along. This one is a (not very) simple mad dash to the end of the level where your completion time will be converted into shiny coins.

Each of these bundles of three new maps can be yours for $2.50 apiece, and they can be purchased directly from the in-game shop for New Super Mario Bros. 2 right now.