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It looks like the speedrun record for the original Super Mario Bros. has been broken yet again, with Youtuber Darbian finding the princess and overthrowing King Koopa in less than five minutes.

Coming in at a mere 4:57.627, Darbian has posted his new Super Mario Bros. world record on reddit, earning himself the crown for the fastest time rushing through one of the most beloved titles in gaming history.

The great thing is that, being a speedrun, you can watch his entire accomplishment in a single sitting.

I remember how long it took my family to finally beat the original Super Mario Bros. My Dad was the one who managed to figure out the secret path to Koopa in the final castle, an obstacle that had stood in the rest of the families way for weeks on end. Heck, even getting to the castle proved to be a challenge for everyone but my Dad.

Nowadays, folks are besting the game in less time than it takes me to write about their feats. I can barely make a bowl of ramen in five minutes, and here Darbian is completing an entire run through the Mario Brothers’ first outing.

What makes this particular speedrun extra special is that Darbian managed to pull off his record-winning run on an actual Nintendo Entertainment System. A lot of folks tend to run these types of challenges on emulations of the software and, let’s face it, it’s never quite the same as the real thing.

And in case you thought Darbian would be happy with his current record, it looks like the guy has plans to shave even more microseconds off of his already impressive time. He claims that there is a faster method to clearing world 4-2 than the one he uses, but he needs to perfect the technique before it can be plugged into his own speedrun. He also faults his “poor movement” and scrolling the screen “a pixel too far” in world 8-4 as being hurdles to overcome on his way to an even faster time. Finally, the guy offers a laundry list of self-criticism concerning his performance in the water section, saying there are several ways he can reduce his time even further in that particular section.

I assume this means that he’s going to keep working at it, so don’t be surprised if we’re reporting on yet another world record for Super Mario Bros. in the near future.

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