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Well, it looks like Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime's claim that Nintendo Super Marios Bros. Wii would outsell Modern Warfare 2 wasn't so crazy after all. NSMB's total sales passed that of the PS3 version of MW2 last month.

After a strong December with 2.82 million copies sold, New Super Mario Bros. Wii's total sales now stand at 4.21 million. The PS3 MW2 sales, meanwhile, are now at 2.95 million. The Xbox 360 version's 5.83 million in sales are going to be tough to beat, though the trends are encouraging. NSMB's sales doubled in its second month in stores while the 360 MW2's December sales were about 38% of November's total. Reggie's challenge runs through the end of January so we'll see if Mario can maintain his momentum.

There's some ambiguity over whether or not Reggie meant that NSMB would outsell merely one console version of MW2 or the specifically the Xbox 360 version. Regardless, the former is still a pretty impressive achievement.