Team Soho Hiring For Big-Budget PS3 Exclusive

A brand new IP is in the works from the people that brought us the ground breaking open-world crime drama, The Getaway. While gamers have desperately been awaiting a third game in the well-designed and expertly written Getaway series, it appears Team Soho is being a bit more ambitious with their time and investing it in a brand new IP.

According to a job listing found by SilleGamer, Sony Computer Entertainment’s London Studio is looking to hire for a “visually ambitious” triple-A title. They’re looking to hire in an art director as well as a lead or senior visual FX artist. According to the job listing, it states that…

”It is expected that the VFX Artist will be able to creatively problem solve to produce striking and efficient visual effects for the experience. Strong skills in texture creation, coupled with an acute understanding of particle systems and geometry effects are critical. A solid understanding of the technical restrictions of the target platform is essential and the VFX Artist will work closely with the engineering team and Technical Artist to create and implement the effects.”…”We are looking for an experienced Art Director who can successfully set the art style and art vision for a new IP. They will be responsible for directing and inspiring the team from initial concept through to production. The Art Director will be responsible for communicating the art direction to both internal, external, and management teams.”

Sounds like a hefty task. SilleGamer speculates that they’re just hiring in new replacements to potentially continue work on the “on hold” new IP known as Eight Days. A superficial reason for the cancellation was supposedly due to the game’s lack of multiplayer, however no official statement was ever given about that particular issue.

It would make sense if it’s not actually a new game but simply the continued development of Eight Days. The game looked like it was in a playable condition and just recently there was some extra footage of the game that surfaced spurring a domino effect of speculation regarding a possible announcement about the game’s status. Until official word comes from either the developers or the publisher, for now we’ll just have to rest easy knowing that Team Soho is at least putting their talent to work and looking to expand it as well.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.