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Sony has stated over the past several weeks that their newest handheld console, the PlayStation Vita, will be a huge focus at this year's E3 press conference. That being the case, you better believe that Media Molecule's latest offering, Tearaway, will be one of the headlining titles.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, SCEA Social Media Specialist Justin Massongill has offered up a new hands-on preview with Tearaway, highlighting some of the game's unique features that can only be achieved on the PlayStation Vita.

And that's not just PR talk, either. Many of the game's functions rely on that back touchpad which, up until this point, has managed to feel more gimmicky than useful. One of the touchpad's functions in Tearaway makes it into a sort of inverted altered reality (AR) game. Instead of the game world being laid over your own world, like with traditional AR, you are instead reaching into the world of the game, with your “fingers” even popping up through the ground in some instances.

Tearaway isn't completely outside [Media Molecule's] comfort zone,” said Massongill. “It's still adorable, inventive, and a true showcase of its platform's capabilities. Built with PS Vita in mind, Tearaway makes impressive (but not excessive) use of the integrated camera and rear touchpad to craft a more tactile and immersive world.”

If the name Media Molecule sounds familiar, it's because they are the studio behind the popular and brilliant LittleBigPlanet games. If nothing else, that should give you some kind of idea as to the amount of creativity we can expect out of Tearaway when it releases for Vita this October. For even more details on what the game will offer, be sure to check out Masibgill's full hands-on impressions.

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