New Tech Gadgets Include Nvidia SHIELD Controller, MeCam, Recoil Winders

There are some new and upcoming devices on the horizon for technophiles and gadget junkies alike. Some of the new gear on the horizon and currently available is pretty tight, such as the MeCam, which is kind of cool, as well as some new accessories for the recently delayed Nvidia SHIELD, as well as an accessory to keep your cords controlled.

May as well start with the MeCam since the video is at the top of the article – I mean, we could be Bohemian counter-culturalists and start with the Nyko stuff for the Nvidia SHIELD below, but that would be pretty bizarre, even for our standards.

Anyway, in all seriousness the MeCam is kind of neat... I'm not entirely sure what it's application for gaming might be unless you needed a quick way to record stuff off your TV without much of a hassle. Still, I imagine a DVD-R would probably be the best bet for that. But, on a technological note the device is still cool. The fact that it sports portable video capture at up to 720p, a 5.0 megapixel camera for still images and LED infrared tech for night-time capture, makes it a little like all the cool and creepy parts of Kinect 2.0, but actually designed for your benefit. It costs about $49.99... so it's a real financial turf wager on the price point, but you can check out more over on the official website.

The Recoil Winders is a bit of a different thing... I actually like the concept of this device a lot. It comes in three different sizes and basically auto-ravels your cords up so that it avoids what's described in the press notice as a “cord spaghetti”. The various sizes allows you to keep small devices like mobile headphones all wrapped up nice and neat, as well as larger items like controller cords or portable mice all tangle free and winded up, as well. My only problem with this device – though I haven't actually personally tested it – is that a lot of devices have cords designed where it seems like the more you wrap them up the more likely they are to break from the inside. I don't know how much the Recoil Winders will contribute to wire-breakage but it's worth keeping in mind. The Recoil Winders carry a $9.99 price tag and you can learn more over at the official website.

Last and potentially least are some accessories for the upcoming Project SHIELD from Nvidia. The accessories are third-party accouterments from Nyko, including two carrying cases and an extra controller that has been optimized for Steam's Big Picture Mode. I kind of get the feeling – as you'll see in the video below, courtesy of News10 – that the controller is more-so being prepped as a possible tie-in to the Steam Box...maybe?

Anyway, most people probably don't care about these devices but if you are planning on getting an Nvidia Shield it wouldn't be bad idea to get the protective case for it... you'd hate to drop it and have yourself a $300 ash tray.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.