Following last week's teaser, the full-on Thief trailer is finally here, ready to steal a little over a minute of your time with some pretty imagery of a masked dude preparing for and pulling off some seriously sneaky business.

Eidos Montreal promised that a full trailer for the upcoming Thief game would be available by April 2 and they've kept their promise with the above video. Coming from Looking Glass Studios, this latest addition to the Thief series looks to be all about the tools of the trade, tasking players with utilizing their various gadgets, and of course the darkest of shadows, to orchestrate some over-the-top heists.

Players will take on the role of Garrett, a criminal with that whole Robin Hood vibe going where he only steals from the city's wealthiest aristocrats. If this latest game is anything like its predecessors, Gerrett will likely need to stick to the dark corners rather than engage his enemies head-on, as his villainous occupation means that he's better equipped to slip in and out undetected.

If you prefer static images as opposed to these fancy moving pictures, then you can check out the latest and greatest screenshots for the game here and here.

That might have to tide you over for quite a while, as Thief isn't due out until sometime in 2014.

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