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Titanfall Beta Garnered 2 Million Unique Players

Whether or not we can use the beta as an accurate gauge for the potential sales momentum for Titanfall coming out of the gate, we definitely get an idea of how many Xbox One and PC gamers were interested in checking out Respawn Entertainment's upcoming first-person shooter, Titanfall.

Polygon did an in-depth piece about the upcoming shooter that's been deemed by many as “Call of Duty with mechs”, and they acknowledged that the game's beta garnered more than two million unique players.

Respawn Entertainment's community manager Abbie Heppe commented about the recent beta test, which concluded last week, saying...

"The designers spent a lot of time watching videos and streams of people playing to try and look and see how they were abusing things or not understanding things." ... "we had around two million unique users playing during the beta."

The beta was pretty big success if they're touting two million unique users who took part in the test, just ahead of the game's March 11th launch.

The game has been receiving all kinds of crazy hype leading up to its release, and even that has been debated amongst the community as to whether it's worth it or not.

Nevertheless, there's a lot of eggs in the basket on this one, mostly in regards to it being the killer app that helps put the Xbox One over the sales charts. The system got off to a strong start last November, but appeared to be struggling to move some stock heading into February.

Hailed as a “Call of Duty killer” (even though that seems kind of silly given that it's also called Call of Duty with mechs), Titanfall brings free-form parkour to the table along with giant-mech action gameplay and arena-style deathmatch with 6-vs-6 bouts. Despite some of the heavy criticisms, the turnout of two-million unique gamers all vying to get in some play-time with the title shows that there's at least strong interest from the community for this new IP from Respawn Entertainment.

I'm curious just how much more interest could have been drummed up if the game's Xbox 360 port was highlighted slightly more than it is? I mean, a beta test on the Xbox 360 should have at least garnered an extra million or two uniques... right?

I'm also terribly curious what the ratio was between PC to Xbox One players partaking in the beta for Titanfall? Depending on which platform gamers preferred might determine which one the sales slant favor. Again, Microsoft needs Titanfall to be the killer app for the Xbox One this spring to get those shipments off store shelves, pronto.

If Titanfall garners more favor on the Xbox 360 and PC, it could prove to give Microsoft a dry spell throughout the spring for the Xbox One's sales, not unlike the impoverished run by the Wii U in the early half of 2013, dealt by the hands of delayed or cancelled third-party titles, and late first-party entries.

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