Crysis 3 On Wii U Had To Die, Says Crytek CEO

Crysis 3 was up and running. Fully functional and ready to go. So what happened? What changed that? Well, a fallout between EA and Nintendo is what happened and in result, Crysis 3 was the child of two parents going through a separation and had to suffer the consequences by not being able to be released on the Wii U.

GamesBeat managed to grab a quote from Crytek's CEO, Cevat Yerli, who mentioned that...

"We did have Crysis 3 running on the Wii U. We were very close to launching it,"..."But there was a lack of business support between Nintendo and EA on that. Since we as a company couldn't launch on the Wii U ourselves - we don't have a publishing license - Crysis 3 on Wii U had to die."

Now, word around the block was that the relationship between EA and Nintendo dwindled over Origin. Yes, Origin.

Back in August of 2012, Wii U Daily reported on EA and Nintendo not quite coming to terms with allowing EA to operate and run the Wii U's network service using Origin's netcode. It would pretty much be the equivalent of EA running Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network. This rumor surfaced again on several different occasions, as reported by GameSpot.

Supposedly, since Nintendo wasn't willing to play ball and let EA control their network using the less-than-reliable Origin (which is still required to play EA's games on the Wii U), Electronic Arts decided to pull out support for many of the blockbuster third-party games they had lined-up, including Crysis 3.

Of course, there's no way to fully confirm this but it would make sense given that Crysis 3 was already up and running for the Wii U. Also, canceling a game that's already complete certainly hurts a lot more than releasing the game, even if it does garner less than stellar sales.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.