Titanfall Cheaters Will Be Punished Soon, Respawn Says

Some Titanfall players are resorting to cheats to get an edge on the battlefield. Developer Respawn Entertainment assured the player community that they're working to stop them, though.

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They clarified in a follow-up tweet that they've seen some players using aimbots "and such." Aimbots are a common cheat program for first-person shooters. They give players superhuman levels of accuracy. If you're getting sniped with a pistol by someone on the other side of the map, you might be a victim.

I'd imagine Respawn has to wade through a lot of false reports about aimbot. Titanfall allows players to be scary accurate even without cheats. The game has aim assist to help you lock onto targets and there's no recoil on the weapons. Furthermore, the smart pistol lets players lock onto targets for easy kills. Most of the videos about the smart pistol have "aimbot" in the title.

Aimbot isn't the only alleged cheat appearing in Titanfall, though. There are also some reports of an "ESP" hack that lets players see all enemies through walls. A video published by GameReactor during the beta showed off a supposed speed hack as well:

Respawn didn't mention what measures that they'll be taking against hackers. Typically hackers will get banned from online and their stats will be erased. That would be a devastating punishment considering the fact that Titanfall is a multiplayer-only game.

In Titanfall, two teams of six players compete in objective-based matches. The players can use parkour moves to quickly traverse the maps. Periodically they can also summon giant mechs known as Titans. They can pilot these Titans themselves or let the onboard A.I. take over. You can find out more about the game and what I thought of it by reading my review.

Titanfall debuted in North America on the Xbox One and PC on Tuesday. It's releasing today in Australia and mainland Europe. The UK and New Zealand will receive the game tomorrow. The Xbox 360 version is two weeks away.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.