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Titanfall Eurogamer Demo Ran On GTX 770 PCs At 60fps

Instead of having to fish for screenshots, paddle around forum boards for proof or bug developers for quotes of truth, Respawn Entertainment went and saved us all a lot of trouble by saying that Titanfall has been demoed on PCs running Nvidia GTX 770s at 60 stable frames per second and they're expecting the game to perform the same on the Xbox One.

Dualshockers caught the news from Japanese gaming site Game*Spark, where they found out that Respawn was using Xbox One controllers attached to Nvidia GTX 770 powered PCs to demonstrate the power of Titanfall. Is it safe to assume that the game has been running on PCs in previous trade show demonstrations as well? Possibly, but it doesn't matter because it's about eight months out from release and no where near final, so leeway in this case is to be expected. Now if this were a launch title being demoed on PCs, then it would be time to break out the panic attacks and fanboy respirators.

As noted in the Game*Spark article with a piss-poor Engrish translation courtesy of Google Translate...

Are using the demo of this thing you have connected the controller of Xbox One to PC version. Running lightly in the GTX 770, are stable in the 60fps PC. Xbox One version is also going to be the same way.

While 60 frames per second is great, it all depends on what resolution the game will run at on the Xbox One.

Respawn has not committed to a native resolution yet, noting in their interview with Digital Foundry that “frame-rate is king”.

The best we can take away from that is the game will run consistently at 60fps on the Xbox One with whatever native resolution they can attain without quality loss.

Many of you might note, however, that the demonstration of Titanfall at previous trade shows has been 1080p at 60 frames per second. However, if these have all been demoed on GTX 770 machines it makes sense why the resolution is as high as it is and with such stable frames.

Recently, Crytek came under fire when it was found out that Ryse wouldn't be running at 1080p as Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg had suggested and instead would be native 900p and upscaled to 1080p. The news became even more deafening when it was found out that the character polygon count had been nearly halved in order to maintain stable frame rates and use more enhanced shader techniques.

It's at least good that Respawn was up front about the game running on PCs and not claiming that the Nvidia GTX 770s was a development kit like some other people. At least gamers can put their expectations into a realistic tow, and not binge their excitement on a false sense of hype.

Titanfall is definitely shaping up to be a big AAA contender for next year and EA has a lot riding on Respawn's new IP, so they better make sure the game looks and runs just as good on the Xbox One as it did on the machines during the E3 demonstration.

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