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Titanfall Collector's Edition

Respawn Entertainment's shooter Titanfall will be launching worldwide in March on the Xbox 360, PC and Xbox One. In addition to announcing the release date, publisher EA also revealed the $250 Collector's Edition.

Titanfall depicts a near-future conflict between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and the Militia. Players will battle each other on foot and inside agile mechs known as Titans. While outside of mechs, players can use parkour moves and double jumps to quickly traverse the battlefield.

This game is the first developed by Respawn Entertainment, a company founded by former Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella. West and Zampella formed Respawn following a legal dispute with Activision. They recruited many former members of the Call of Duty development team from IW to help build Titanfall.

"Since we revealed the game in June we’ve been absolutely blown away by the reaction to Titanfall," said Zampella. "The feedback we’re getting from fans around the world is fueling our team as we head towards March and motivating us to deliver an experience that lives up to the hype."

The Collector's Edition comes with an 18" statue of a Titan. The statue has LED lighting and has been handcrafted from 300 individual pieces. The poster included with the CE provides a detailed schematic of one of these battle mechs. Also included in the Collector's Edition is a full color art book with over 190 pages of concept art from Titanfall's development.

Titanfall will hit stores in North America on March 11th. The European launch will follow on March 13th. The release date applies to all three versions of the game.

It's possible that Respawn will hold a beta test for the game before its launch. However, the company has yet to reveal any information on that front yet. If you get any emails with invites, they're fake.

Titanfall was announced as an exclusive to Xbox 360 and Xbox One in the console market. It's not clear whether that's a permanent exclusive or just a timed one, though.

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