Snipers, the bane of many shooter fans' existence, will be a part of Titanfall. Developer Respawn Entertainment says that sniping will be unconventional in their game, though.

"Sniping is in the game, but due to how the game plays it's a pretty different animal than you'll find in your run of the mill modern military shooter," a developer said on the Titanfall forum.

Titanfall's multiplayer has two distinct phases. Players start on foot and can double-jump or wall-run to quickly traverse the map. Once their personal timer ticks down (sped up by killing other players), their Titan will land nearby. By hopping into these combat mechs, players lose some of their agility but gain firepower, durability and special abilities.

These battles don't sound very inviting to snipers. Snipers like to hide in a distant, hard-to-reach location and pick off their enemies. The parkour abilities of infantry make it much easier for enemies to reach their perch. Players inside Titans are shielded from easy head-shots and could flush out a sniper from their nest with their heavy weapons. The net result is that snipers will have to stay mobile to be successful.

Titanfall won't make it easy to be a sniper on the move, though. In the same forum post, the Respawn employee said that firing a sniper rifle without a scope won't be effective. Quick-scoping, a popular tactic in Call of Duty games, isn't an option either.

Why is Respawn making it so hard to be a sniper? This summer, producer Drew McCoy suggested that the developers feel that sniping can make the game too frustrating to some players.

"We were talking about it and one of the things we were doing was, we wanted to work on survivability in a multiplayer game, because if you play Battlefield or Call of Duty and you get head-shotted from across the map, you have no idea what happened. You’re instantly dead and it’s terrible," McCoy told VG247. The Titans were born from Respawn's desire to make players more durable.

Based on what I've heard of Titanfall so far, sniping doesn't sound all that fun. It's possible that sharpshooters will have a few tricks of their own to keep the game balanced. It's a sci-fi game so they could have a temporary cloaking device or some other futuristic gadget.

Titanfall will launch on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC in March 2014. Respawn may hold a multiplayer beta before launch but until they announce a test, don't trust any email invites you receive.

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