There was a fear from many gamers that the announcement of multiplayer for Tomb Raider by Eidos/Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics would result in something less than satisfactory and perhaps would translate to a tacked-on addition to the game in order to squeeze out more money from gamers. Well, one preview video seems to indicate that the current state of the multiplayer completely points in the direction of being tacked-on.

Cram Gaming managed to get a look at the game while at the Eidos offices and while there is some praise for some of the things that the team does well, there's also a lot of criticisms, too. Check it out.

I remember there was a game that came out last year called Inversion, and a few months before release there were piss poor videos of the multiplayer.

In the article for Inversion's multiplayer, it was lambasted enough to get the developer to contact us and try to explain the state of the mode(s). Unfortunately, by the time the game officially released the multiplayer barely improved and it turned into an epic fail for everyone involved. Perhaps skipping on multiplayer altogether and focusing on the already established co-op campaign could have saved the game? Who knows.

Anyway, the multiplayer in Tomb Raider almost looks identical to Uncharted, which may not be a bad thing for some gamers, but then the question arises of why would you pay for Tomb Raider to play Uncharted's multiplayer?

Still, the game is a couple months out from release so there might be time for them to polish the multiplayer so it feels less like a cash grab and more like something established to the lore of the series. Although, based on what was showcased in the video and based on what was said of the mode, it doesn't sound like the multiplayer will be as fleshed out as Far Cry 3, Uncharted 3 or Call of Duty. On the upside, at least there's no online pass.

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