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Today Microsoft and Square Enix revealed that they're teaming up for a Tomb Raider-themed Xbox 360 controller. This new gamepad will be available alongside the reboot in March.

Tomb Raider chronicles Lara's struggle for survival on a dangerous tropical island. The controller looks like it's been through hell, too. Its red and black finish has scratches laser etched into its surface. It even has a tourniquet on one of its legs.

Like other new Xbox 360 controllers, the $59.99 Tomb Raider gamepad has a customizable D-Pad. You can rotate it to switch it from the "plus" shape to the "disc" shape, and vice versa. It supports wireless play for up to 30 feet away from your console.

The Tomb Raider controller also comes with some exclusive downloadable content. The token will unlock a Scavenger Archer for the game's multiplayer. You can read more about the game's team-based multiplayer here.

Microsoft's Major Nelson is giving away five of these controllers for free. You can find out more details at his blog.

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