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A little weekend treat for you devoted readers, as we here at Blend Games are bringing you another killer look at five killer games. Yes, two of the games are always everywhere, but the other three just might take you by surprise. Of course, I’m not going to spend several paragraphs prattling about stuff you don’t care about, so let’s get this show on the road.

Before starting, I should point out that these are the top five games that have the most potential for being Halo, GTA IV and KillZone Killers via marketing, community support, critical praise and sales. It's possible any one of these titles could be as controversial as GTA IV, or as supported as KillZone 2, or as long lasting in popularity as Halo 3. Now we already know that Star Wars: Force Unleashed missed its mark by a mile. But that doesn’t mean the following games will fall flat of that charge. Also, take into account that not all these games are just straight-through shooters, or in some cases not shooters at all. But these are the top games that could potentially turn a tide in the culture of gaming that will spawn multiple sequels, a legion of fan-boys (and girls), and a hailstorm of media coverage once they firmly get their feet in the ground. As you know, all it takes is a little controversy, some innovation and a heck of a lot of fun on the gameplay front. Each of these games dabble in the fore-mentioned attributes and that is what can possibly institute them as the next big thing to hit the gaming industry. Now the number five spot was heavily debated with Resistance 2 and Gears of War 2 (closely followed by Fallout 3). However, given the fact that neither R2 or GeoW2 seems to be aiming to do anything beyond cater to hardcore fanboys, it seemed a little obvious that neither would reach the acclivity to out-do Halo 3, GTA IV or KillZone 2. So without further ado, here are the Top 5 Killers.

No. 5: Heavy Rain
David Cage’s next big thing in gaming could be the next big thing in gaming culture. Developed by the nonconcentric studio, Quantic Dream, the game Heavy Rain carries with it the sort of weighty direction found in most movie thrillers. After filling the net with buzz over a dramatic and edgy screen test at E3 2K6, the game was later revealed to have gameplay elements that heavily rely on real-to-life scenarios and character development. Heavy Rain will also be sure to spark media interest with its amazing graphics, its graphic violence, and the very mature themes present throughout the game. The addition of also playing through the game continuously after the main character dies is also a huge step in a different direction than most games allow. And added to this, the modern yet hip lead female character could turn a revolution in the female gaming community, which might push sales further than expected. A good tv spot or a pesky replacement for anti-violent activist, Jack Thompson, could also do this game well with its marketing.

No. 4: Far Cry 2
What happens when a mercenary lands in an African safari with 60 square kilometers to roam? Well, it’s the equivalent of when maturity hits the shooter genre. This game is not just another shooter, it is the evolution for shooter games. Life bars and health gauges have been done away with completely. If a player gets injured, they either slap on a bandage or perform in-game surgery, which is as graphic and gruesome as you think (i.e., imagine pulling sharpened shrapnel from out of your leg while the blood pours and the wound is gaping. Ouch). This is a gruesome take on the modern-day shooter, which could turn more than just the heads of gamers. With a soundtrack that could be measured next to the likes of Hans Zimmer’s score for Black Hawk Down, an ecosystem that can be used to the player’s advantage, realtime weather and repairable weapons and vehicles, Far Cry 2 is more than just a sequel, it’s the evolution of the first-person shooter simulation. With enough sales and a proper community for the custom maps and multiplayer functions, Far Cry 2 could easily beat out Halo 3 and rival the likes of KillZone 2.

No. 3: Mirror’s Edge
This game was in a higher spot than this, but after some debate and a short comparison, it was decided that this deserved the third spot on this list. The only thing actually holding the game back is a proper multiplayer feature. But that’s all right, because this game is completely out there in a league of its own. It’s not even trying to simulate the likes of a first-person shooter, but it’s actually redefining adventure platforming from a first-person perspective. Insane. The lead character is feisty and tough, which should work well to muster in sales from female gamers who want a little more umph in their gameplay experience while controlling a fully-clothed female. Toss in the amazing acrobatics, a soundtrack rivaled by no game on the market (or no game in the history of video games for that matter), and you have yourself an instant sleeper hit, or the next GTA IV/Halo/KillZone killer. A few good commercial spots, some consistent review scores and a community establishment for the aesthetic of Mirror’s Edge and the game will be golden.

No. 2: Borderlands
It’s been featured here at Blend Games quite a bit for a good reason. Gearbox isn’t just working on another RPG-shooter, but they’re working on a game that will revolutionize the mixed-breed genre. Half-a-million different guns, thousands of parts for customizing a vehicle, huge free-roaming environments, four-player cooperative play offline or online, and more loot and items than most standard RPGs makes Borderlands an easy top-pick. Randy Pitchford and the gang is also hard at work on crafting a unique and dynamic story, as well as in-depth characters. The biggest problem this game is suffering from is lack of proper promotion. There’s still time for 2K to pick up the marketing cross and put some steam behind this game, because once they do you won’t stop hearing about this next-generation, open-world, RPG-shooter. And if you still don’t have a clue about this game, check out Borderlands Blend to get informed.

No. 1: Little Big Planet
Easily, this had to be at the top of the list. This isn’t a game, this is the pinnacle of creative interactive entertainment. It’s almost hard to believe that this could even be considered a game given the amount of tools and functionality offered within LBP. Media Molecule has crafted what will be the PS3's crowning moment of software recognition. From the drop-dead fantastic graphics, to the near limitless possibilities offered for platform adventuring and visually stunning creations, Little Big Planet leaves little to be desired. Add in the multiplayer modes, a rocking soundtrack, a new mascot for the PS3 (i.e., Sackboy and Sackgirl) and a community that’s equally robust and controversial, and SCEA can go all the way to the nearest bailed-out bank for a big fat check. Mario and Sonic best move over, because Sackboy is bringing a new kind of gaming that is rivaled by the likes of no one. Halo 3, GTA IV and KillZone 2 should be ready to bow at the feet of the new killer IP, because it’s called LBP.

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Top 5 Halo, GTA IV, KillZone Killers
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