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Will PC gaming get killed off by the next generation of consoles? Someone had the stones to ask Total War: Rome 2 designer Domm Starr the question and as you might expect, he rolled his eyes.

"I don't think PC is in any danger of dying," Starr told Eurogamer. "I think that's ridiculous. If anything, the fact that the new console, PS4, seems to pretty much be an adapted PC just goes to show that the platform is strong and [we're] likely to not see the death of it any time soon."

Any gamer who spends too much time on the Internet has seen countless "Is x platform dying?" editorials. Piracy is killing the PC! The Xbox 360 and PS3 are killing each other. Smartphones are riding through the gaming industry like a barbarian horde, slaughtering console and PC gamers in their beds and using their skin to make yurts.

Gamers, of course, know better. It's ridiculous to say that one type of platform or another is going to permanently win. Mobile devices, consoles, PCs are all staying put. Each has their own strengths in terms of features or genres.

It's especially stupid to say that PC gaming is going to die because, well, who doesn't have a computer? As long as someone's out there using their work computer to play Farmville, PC gaming's not dead. Call of Duty might not sell as much on the personal computers as it will on consoles, but the opposite is true for a real-time strategy. Speaking of which, could we see Total War on consoles?

"I believe the canned-response to that tends to be it's always something that's being considered and it's a possibility, but beyond that no comment," Starr said. "Personally I think it would be nice to have Total War on console, get the experience to people who aren't necessarily PC gamers."

Oh man, could you imagine if Total War was released on consoles? The PC would be dooooooooomed.