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Arrow-flinging melee fans with a love of retro graphics (and who also happen to have a PlayStation 4 handy) are only a few weeks out from having their pixelated bloodlust sated as TowerFall Ascension finally makes the leap to a new home on Sony’s latest console.

Many of you likely know the original TowerFall as “that one game that apparently makes the Ouya worth a purchase.” Originally an exclusive title for the mostly forgotten micro-console, TowerFall Ascension takes everything players loved about the original game and cranks it all the way up to 11.

If you’ve played a 2D arena battle game like Super Smash Bros. or PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, then you have a pretty good idea of what the core gameplay in TowerFall has to offer. Up to four players are dropped into a map (some stationary, some featuring dynamic bits and baubles like sliding walls and hazards) and are tasked with being the last person standing. In TowerFall, your weapon of choice is a bow and arrow, allowing you to attack your enemies from up close or far away depending on how good your aim is.

There are about a billion levels in TowerFall, each overflowing with unique features and an abundance of power-ups that give you more arrows, a protective shell, wings, etc. Each of these boosts can be toggled on and off, along with most of the game’s various other settings, allowing players to fine-tune their experience and create some truly unique competitions.

The gameplay is immediately accessible for newcomers and insanely deep for those willing to dig in, making TowerFall Ascension one of those rare games perfect for a little couch competition whenever you have friends over. Thankfully, online multiplayer is also available, meaning you should have no problem getting in a game once Ascension finally launches on the PS4.

The official launch date was announced earlier this week on the PlayStation Blog, much to the excitement of fans who have been waiting for the game to arrive on a console that more people actually own.

The video embedded above shows off some gameplay provided by Youtube user hojjoshMC, giving players and idea of what they can expect out of Ascension once it hits the PS4 next month. Most importantly is the Quest Mode footage, showing off the brand new mode that lets players cooperatively tackle increasingly difficult waves of spawning enemies. Careful, though, because your arrows will still kill your co-op buddies if you get sloppy with the aiming.

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