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TowerFall, the bow-and-arrow-infused multiplayer melee game from developer Matt Thorson has apparently done well since its launch on platforms that don’t rhyme with “Booya.” According to Thorson, the game has done especially well on the PlayStation 4, which is now the game’s top-selling console.

Thorson recently had a chat with the fine folks over at Eurogamer, explaining that, following its PC and PS4 launch a few weeks back, TowerFall has managed to move quite a few units.

This is especially good news for the developer considering that, even as the “best game” for the Ouya, TowerFall only pushed about 7,000 units after a year of being on the Android-based console.

It was around this time last year that I first heard about TowerFall, a game that was reminiscent in set-up of games like Super Smash Bros. but with 8-bit graphics and players battling with nothing but their wits and a slew of arrows. Oh, and then there’s the fact that it was developed by one guy. It seemed like anyone with an Ouya had picked up the formerly console exclusive game and was raving about how much fun it was. Honestly, TowerFall almost drove me to picking up an Ouya on numerous occasions. Then, in the fall of 2013, Sony announced that an updated version of the game with new content, new modes, etc. would be coming to the PlayStaiton 4. There was much rejoicing.

The irony here is that, thanks to TowerFall, I’ve already purchased one extra controller for my PS4 and will likely pick up another one before all is said and done which, if you add in the cost of the game, makes it the most expensive title on the console. Okay, so that’s stretching the issue a bit but, seriously, Thorson deserves a cut on all PS4 controller sales for the next few months.

According to Eurogamer, I’m not the only person who was ecstatic to see the game finally launch on these new platforms, as Matt Thorson told the site that “It’s doing definitely well enough for me to support myself for quite a while.” He then added that, “That’s really encouraging.”

All told, TowerFall has netted $5,000 across its three platforms and, to me, that’s nowhere near enough. Not to gush, but the game is basically digital crack, serving as a perfect pick up and play game for friends who like to game together. There are loads of levels to explore, all sorts of specialized arrows and special powers, and even a tough-as-nails series of missions that’ll put two players’ skills to the ultimate test. This is the kind of game you’ll sit down to play for a few rounds and then notice that hours have ticked by without your even realizing it. I suspect that one of my friends, who is basically a ninja at the game now, will only ever visit in the future if he knows that TowerFall is getting booted up.

In short, it’s nice to see consumers doing good by an indie developer, especially since the game in question is more than worthy of the attention it’s receiving.
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