Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Action Figures Combine To Form Bruticus

Hasbro is planning to release five action figures based on the upcoming game Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron. Today Cybertron publisher Activision released images of these action figures, as well as a screenshot of the fierce Decepticon you can build by combining them.

The Blast-Off, Brawl, Swindle, Onslaught and Vortex action figures can change between robot and vehicle forms. They're all "Combaticons" - a subset of the evil Decepticons - which means that they turn into military vehicles. For example, Vortex transforms into a helicopter and Brawl transforms into a tank.

Each action figure also has a "combiner" mode. Once all five are in their "combiner" forms, they can be locked together to form Bruticus. The figures will be sold separately, though you've got obvious incentive to buy all five.

In Cybertron, the Deceptions and Autobots' civil war is drawing to a close. The game lets players step into the shoes of both factions and see the events leading up to the planets' destruction. Bruticus has been confirmed as playable, as well as fan favorite Grimlock.

Hasbro will release the action figures this fall as part of their Transformers Generations Deluxe line. The Fall of Cybertron game is due around the same time.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.