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High Moon Studios is aggressively supporting the multiplayer side of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. They've released a Dinobot Destructor Pack today and have another DLC pack with an awesome name coming in two weeks.

The Dinobot Destructor Pack allows players to become the Dinobots, robots who can turn into techno-dinosaurs. It unlocks Grimlock, Slug, Snarl and Swoop for online play. You can use their full body or individual parts in the game's character customizer.

This is the second multiplayer DLC released for Fall. The Multiplayer Havoc Pack went live last month. It gave players access to Ultra Magnus, Wheeljack, Blast Off, Zeta Prime and Perceptor as well as all of their parts.

On September 25th, High Moon will send out the Massive Fury Pack. This particular DLC has a more diverse offering. It unlocks three Insecticons (Kickback, Sharpshot, Hardshell) for online play. The G1 Optimus Prime and Autobot Hound will also be included. When embarking on the single-player campaign, you'll get access to the G2 Bruticus character skin and G1 Shockwave Blast Cannon and G1 Megatron Pistol Gun weapon skins.

Each of the DLC packs costs 800 MS Points, or $10 to download.

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