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Trials Fusion Announced For April Launch On PlayStation 4

Get your nets ready, because it’s time to catch some air. Get your torches ready, because it’s time to burn some rubber. Get your—okay, you get the idea. The street-rat crazy Trials racing series is finally making its way to the PlayStation platform with Trials Fusion launching April 16 for the PS4.

Yes, you heard correctly, the Trials series is finally landing a double backflip on a PlayStation console, ending its longtime exclusivity on home consoles with the Xbox 360. And, if you’ll take a look at the above announcement video posted by RedLynx and Ubisoft, you’ll see that everything longtime fans love about the game appears to be intact, including beautiful and sweeping maps, crazy stunts, insane racing contraptions and, yes, plenty of ways to wreck your digital face.

Trials Fusion builds off of the Trials series’ unique take on physics-based platform racing while introducing features such as the brand new FMX Tricks System,” reads the official announcement. “Our development team at RedLynx and Ubisoft Shanghai have designed Trials Fusion specifically for next-gen hardware, and we plan on bringing you tons of races, skill games and challenges to tackle in the months to come.”

This announcement actually pretty much comes out of the blue, as we here at Gaming Blend haven’t heard so much as a rumor concerning a new Trials game, much less one for the PlayStation 4. Considering the above statement, though, we also feel it’s a safe bet to assume that it’ll likely be coming to the Xbox One, too, and maybe even the Wii U…Okay, maybe not the Wii U. But the One is probably a lock.

Even crazier than its sudden appearance is the fact that it’s coming so soon. With a brand new reveal like this, you’d usually expect to see something like “Coming 2014” at the end of the trailer, but this bad boy is slated for just about a month and a half from now, meaning we don’t have long to wait before throwing caution to the wind and going for big points on the PS4.

For those of you who like to get more creative with your games, the developers have also promised that the fan-favorite Editor Mode will be included in Trials Fusion, as well as a retooled version of Track Central for finding, sharing and downloading other players’ creations. Players will have access to the same set of tools as the folks who actually made the game, so I’m expecting some pretty epic courses to make their way online once the community has had a bit of time to get to know the system.

The digital version of Trials Fusion will set you back $19.99, and there will also be a season pass that hasn’t had a price point attached to it. I’m guessing it’ll set you back another 20 bucks, though, as a physical version of the game, which includes the season pass, can be yours for $39.99.

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