One of the more intriguing PS3 releases this year has finally arrived. The Unfinished Swan is now available to all players through the PlayStation Network.

In Swan, players take on the role of an orphan named Monroe. They will explore a partly constructed kingdom in search of its King. Along the way, they'll use a paint gun to reveal more of this mysterious world.

The early reviews for Swan have the game at a Metacritic rating of 78, so not everyone appreciates its experimental, artsy style. Metro Game Central says that is "not a very satisfying or enjoyable video game to play," while CVG dubs it "little more than a pretty picture." On the other hand, Escapist calls it "brilliant" and Machinima says it's one of the best games of the year.

Unfinished Swan can be yours for $15. The game's short length relative to its price is one of the criticisms. Ever since Braid, though, I've been cool with paying for a quality game even if it's brief.

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