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The Unspoken Is A Multiplayer VR Game Full Of Dueling Witchcraft And Wizardry, Get The Details

If being a real-life wizard in the world of Harry Potter seems like a hopeless endeavor, Insomniac Games may have a very simple solution for you. They recently announced one of two of their Oculus Rift-exclusive games, The Unspoken, which will have you dueling with your magic against other power-wielding players.

The Unspoken uses a rather unique controller, called the Oculus Touch, which allows the player to use their hands rather than a physical controller in-game. Although, the Oculus Touch hasn’t been released yet. If there was ever a game to be used with the Oculus Touch, this would be it.

The Unspoken pits you and your magical powers against others with similar magical powers to duel it out and survive. Players can use their very own hands the manipulate the environment and cast spells to take out their opponent. Duels occur in an urban setting away from the public eye very much like you see in Harry Potter movies, only you won’t be battling He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named in this game. Instead, you’ll be dueling against real players from around the world and working to earn your title as an arch-mage. The more you practice and duel, the better you’ll become at controlling your powers.

The Oculus Touch, from my understanding, seems like it's on the same wavelength as the Leap Motion controller. I have a Leap Motion controller at home and it came with mini games. If you hold your hands over the censor after calibrating them, you can use your hands to participate in gameplay and it’s as simple as flailing your hands around to destroy the in-game environment or picking something up and placing it down—and it’s all done with the motion of your hands. But the Oculus Touch controllers are still actually controllers and not free-hand movements like what’s used for the Leap Motion controller, so they work a bit differently. I'd almost prefer to use my free hands to interact with a game and not more controllers, but I haven't used the Oculus Touch controllers yet so I can't judge.


If you would like more information on the Oculus Touch, you can check out the official Oculus website (opens in new tab). And if you’re curious about The Unspoken, there’s more information on Insomniac Games’ website. You can check out the announcement trailer for The Unspoken below.