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Until Dawn's Bizarre Bug Finally Has A Fix

Anyone who pre-ordered Until Dawn appears to be part of a small pool of users having trouble playing the game. Why? Because a bug keeps a timer active saying that they have to wait 128 days until the game launches. Sony offered a fix but not everyone is happy about it.

Over on the official PlayStation forums there's a fix for the pre-order bug offered by a PlayStation support technician.

The steps for fixing the bug requires you to navigate to the PlayStation Store and “purchase” the free version of Until Dawn. Download the file to your system and go to the “Restore Licenses” option in the PSN Network/Account Management menu. If the game doesn't run after restoring the license the tech support suggest deleting the game, re-downloading it and attempting to restore the license. Rinse and repeat until you can get it to work.

The method above worked for some people and didn't work for others. It's hit or miss.

One user had to delete and re-download Until Dawn five times before it began working, so you may have to try it a few times over before it starts working for you.

A lot of users in the thread are demonstrably upset that the game they paid for doesn't work, especially considering that this issue appears to be directly affecting those who pre-ordered the game. More specifically, it appears to be affecting people who pre-ordered Until Dawn before the release date changed, causing some sort of error in the system.

This problem resulted in a fiery thread where a lot of users are asking for refunds. However, the refunds are being denied, so people who can't get the problem fixed with Until Dawn are stuck with a digital dud.

This is part of the problem with that all-digital future. With a physical game disc you can play it until it breaks, but with a digital title you have to hope that it doesn't screw with your account or cause any major problems where it no longer functions. In fact, one of the users mentions about forcing a refund through a chargeback but also promptly expresses that this will suspend their PlayStation Network account.

This sort of comes across as a sour experience for some Until Dawn users, but it's likely that by constantly repeating the steps mentioned above the game might begin working for those who digilently want to play the game. You just have to keep downloading and deleting and re-downloading the game until you can get it to work.

As for Until Dawn... the game is available right now for the PlayStation 4 and features a horror-themed story with plenty of twists. The game is an homage to the old-school slasher flicks with a hint of something special sprinkled throughout. The twist in the game is likely to have quite a few people talking about it online and the acting from the cast is about par the course for what you would expect from a teen slasher. Surprisingly Brett Dalton seems to channel some Bruce Campbell mannerisms at points in the game that sets him up as being a possible leading man in action-horror flicks, assuming he wants to go down that route.

You can pick up the game right now for the PS4... assuming you don't already have it and are constantly re-downloading it in order to get it to work.

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