Fanboys... video game websites cannot survive without them. In fact, video game websites need the sometimes fanatical, sometimes absurd, sometimes abusive, sometimes illogical, sometimes harsh and always loyal fanboy to keep the site running. They keep the comment section full, they keep the discussions flowing and they keep the the hits rolling in more frequently than Fox after all their good shows got canceled.

One site that's proud about sharing their metrics with the community in a transparent display of proud and impressive numerical muscle flexing is the one and only, VG 24/7, where they noted a record breaking 5.43 million page views in June with 1.65 million uniques.

The site boasted their numbers in a recent article to celebrate that early success of the pre-console war numbers, even catching some positive press from Gamasutra.

Not to be outdone by a smaller but still equally threatening competitor, Kotaku also took to the netwaves to brag about their numbers as well, all courtesy of the console wars. Head honcho Stephen Totilo went to social media to wave around a figure of six-million uniques for June on Twitter, making VG 24/7's dangling 1.65 million uniques look about as threatening as Viggo Mortensen swinging his little Viggo around in Eastern Promises. The envy just got heavy.

In fact, for Kotaku, the site saw an all-time high in the site's eight-and-a-half year run, making this record-breaking occasion all the more momentous for them. This is all due in no small part to the fanboy rages of the console war, of course.

VG 24/7's Patrick Garret wasn't at all threatened by the gorilla-sized loin flap of Kotaku, and instead humbly retreated to thanking his audience for their support since the site's inception in 2008, writing...
“Seeing VG247 grow is always exciting, but such heavy traffic-lifts in such a short space of time are fantastic news.

“The strength of our core editorial team – Dave Cook, Stephany Nunneley and Brenna Hillier – combined with video editor Sam Clay and a fantastic spread of freelancers has created a major UK hardcore games site of which we’re extremely proud.”

They maintain a pretty strong core audience and despite being one-upped by Kotaku in a humiliating display of alpha dog dominance, many gamers feel as if VG 24/7 is a great outlet for getting every little bit of news that comes out, no matter how big or small.

The site has become regaled for being like a less blue version of Blues News but focused more on gaming content. In other words, if VG 24/7 was a fight scene it would be closer to Steven Seagal for getting in and out really fast, as opposed to Blues, which is more like Jet Li, who is both fast and varied.

It's good that VG 24/7 managed to maintain their success without subverting to the ways of the Doritocracy. And with the console war is barely getting started, I hope the success continues to blossom for gaming media (despite most of us gamers actually hating majority of games media) and maybe we'll see some new players emerge and take the crown. BeefJack anyone?

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