Despite Sony's big launch success of the PS4, the news was slightly marred with a dark cloud hovering over the system's launch due to many vocal complaints about the new generation console arriving at doorsteps dead right out of the box, as evidenced by verified Amazon buyers. The issues with the console, however, have purportedly been traced back to problems on the assembly line.

Over the weekend many sites have begun reporting on the alleged scandal involving Foxconn employees potentially involved in an act of sabotage of PlayStation 4 units coming out of Foxconn's Yantai Fuji plant in China. Well, one of the workers involved with technical inspections and fitting of PlayStation 4 units at the Yantai Foxconn plant, went to a popular forum to answer questions regarding some of the things happening at the plant.

Forgive my lack of proper translation of Mandarin, Kanji and whichever other linguistics are used in China, but the handle that many of the users refer to the inspector/fitter comes out as the “Landlord”. He also made it know that “I'm just a fitter, not a quality assurance”. He posted to a forum, just as it was mentioned by the user in our previous report about the Foxconn scandal, where he stated that many Foxconn workers (especially interns) post to the Tieba.Baidu forum.

Proving that he is who he says he is, the “Landlord” posted the following ID tag, so you know he's legit:

He also snapped an image of the Foxconn workers heading into the factory, just so you know that he does work there.

Of course, the users on the forum are pretty sharp and keep up to date with all the latest happenings in the gaming community. Many of them – given the opportunity to ask him what was going on at the Yantai Foxconn plant – decided to ask many of the obvious questions involving the rumors about Foxconn and the employees getting revenge by sabotaging PS4 units.

Before answering the questions, though, the “Landlord” first mentions that when he was being “allocated” to the plant that he was so scared that he was afraid to use the bathroom and then goes on to say what he does at the plant...
“More than a month ago the plant after allocation of the time, I was scared [to] urine ... [working with the] PS4 output cable assembly...

“I work at a regular check [...] to see PS 4. Connect [it] to a monitor [for] reading discs, [and check] is there any picture!”

I don't think the last line needs much of an explanation but we get the gist that he checks to make sure that the PS4 units get a picture on the monitor and that they're capable of reading discs.

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