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If you're a die hard Xbot, Xboner, Xboy or Xbox devotee, you may want to steer clear of the news because this will surely turn the sunshine in your day into salty tears. Anyway, during a live-stream for the Xbox One, it has been discovered (and recorded by those watching) that the Xbox One's version of Battlefield 4 suffers major texture caching issues.

Gameranx managed to get their hands on an image, in addition to a reader sending them a gif that's worth more than 720 words. No sense in delaying the inevitable... I'll just let you take a look at the evidence for yourself.

Oh wow... dem ground textures!

This is yet another huge blow against Microsoft, proving once again that any sort of public display for the Xbox One only results in public humiliation. The last time we had public footage of the Xbox One was when the operating system absolutely failed and for ten minutes the poor technician couldn't even get the system to load. For those of you doubting, just check out the footage right here.

Now, a lot of people may not see this as much of an issue, and just a typical fail on the loading. However, this fits into the rumors (which were proven true) that the Xbox One would have graphics caching issues due to moving data in and out eSRAM. When it's not cached properly or the developers have issues streaming assets in and out, the results become evident, just like in the video above where the ground textures failed to load in Battlefield 4 and placeholder assets or the low-level assets from the LOD cache are used instead.

Unfortunately, a lot of gaming sites have been keeping a tight lid on these issues because they want to stay fair and balanced. The really pathetic part about it is that in some cases you have gaming media actively defending a higher price point and lower resolutions as a means of trying not to give an edge to an obvious competitor, even though really... can the evidence above be denied?

This hardware issue is being blamed, by some, on the early first generation release of games on the new consoles and that developers haven't had proper time to iron out some of the kinks. So far, though, there haven't been any reports of the PlayStation 4 encountering these issues the way the Xbox One has.

More than anything, buyers beware. The first batch of consoles (on either side) may or may not be up to par on the reliability side. As more evidence seems to trickle out closer to release, it appears some gamers might be in for a rude awakening.

Also, for those wondering why I didn't rip into the Xbox One as hard as Barry Bonds eats into steroids it's because the video above kind of does that for me. I almost feel sorry for the Xbox One at this point, failing harder than Pauly Shore's career... wait, no I don't. Hahahaha.

[Update: DICE issued a statement to Gameranx noting that the content on display was from an older build and they're working on fixing it as part of the unreleased DLC pack]

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