Wait, Is That Jonathan Banks In The Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer?

Batman: Arkham Knight's latest trailer is a great seven-minute slice of the open-world game. Arguably the best part of the trailer, though, is that it seems to confirm Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul's Jonathan Banks will be part of the voice cast.

Banks seems to have a big part in the game, too: Commissioner Gordon. Listen to Gordon's voice in the trailer's opening scene, in which he briefs Batman about Scarecrow's recent deeds in Gotham:

Gordon sounds gravelly and weary enough to be Jonathan Banks. It's not an exact match but it's really close. If this is a different voice actor, he should put "Jonathan Banks impersonator" on his resume.

Here, compare the voices for yourself. This is a scene with Mike from Season 3 or so of Breaking Bad:

Every main Batman: Arkham game so far has used a different voice actor for James Gordon. The character's been played by David Kaye, Tom Kane and Michael Gough thus far. Gough is the only one who's repeated the role, playing Gordon in both Arkham Origins and its companion game Arkham Origins Blackgate.

In other words, there was no clear choice to play Commissioner Gordon for Arkham Knight. It wouldn't be surprising, then, that Rocksteady would tap Banks to play the role. His Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul character is a freelance fixer who had a long and trying career as a city police officer. I think playing Gordon, another battle-hardened cop pushed to his limits, would be easy for him. Plus, this is Rocksteady's last Arkham game so why not go out with a bang and try to get a big-name actor or two for the cast?

Rocksteady hasn't announced the voice cast for Batman: Arkham Knight yet. We only know a few actors for sure. For example, Kevin Conroy has returned to play Batman again. I get that Rocksteady wants to hold off on announcing every actor out of fear that they'll spoil some surprise cameo. It would be nice to get more official casting information, though, if only to spike some of the weird rumors started through IMDB listings added by users.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be launching in late June due to a delay announced earlier today. In the meantime, you can watch Jonathan Banks in Better Call Saul every Monday night.

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Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.