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Walmart has released their advertisements for Black Friday. The global retailer will be offering a deep selection of video games and hardware at a discounted rate.

If you're missing one of the current-gen game systems, Walmart will give you the opportunity to pick them up on the cheap. You can get a 250GB PS3 with a pair of two-game bundles, Uncharted Dual Pack and inFamous Collection, for $200. For $150 you can get an Xbox 360 with a 4GB hard driver, Skylanders Giant starter kit and exclusive Skylanders character. Nintendo hardware is even cheaper: $100 for a DSi XL, or $89 for a Wii.

The list of discounted game is especially long. Assassin's Creed 3 will be $39. Epic Mickey 2, which will hit stores on November 18th, is marked down to $25 for the sale. Other deals include Max Payne 3 for $15, Modern Warfare 3 for $25, and Batman: Arkham City for $10.

The usual catch applies, though: these deals are limited by availability. Not every store is going to have every game receiving a discount. Furthermore, they can - and will - run out of stock as the packs of crazed shoppers descend. To see your specific area's deals, head here.

Walmart's Black Friday event will begin at 8pm on Thursday, November 22nd. You'll have until 11pm on the following day to take advantage of the deals.

This is the second major retailer to announce their Black Friday deals. Best Buy revealed their offerings yesterday.