The team behind the new free-to-play MMORPG, War of Angels, send out word that the new role-playing game has gone live for North American gamers, and anyone interested can download the game and start playing right now.

As stated in the official newsletter…
On this day, the skies will darken with the wings of good and evil, as players let loose battle to celebrate the official launch of War of Angels. With a host of new content, improved server connections, speeds and new items, December 15 will be the day the line is drawn and the battle for good and evil begins.

The game allows players to choose from a handful of stereotypical MMO archetypes and go about the world battling evil or fighting good, having the decisions they make throughout the game determine the ultimate role of their character for the end game content.

A brief list of new features have been released to give gamers an idea of what’s in store. Of course, you can learn more or participate in the free-to-play MMORPG by visiting the Official Website.

War of Angels New Open Beta Content

New item - Enjoy fresh armor and weapons for all levels
Various boosters - Utilize convenience items for leveling faster
Special coloring items - Customize your character's look
New challenging quests - Ever-expanding quests help drive the story of War of Angels

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