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K2 Networks sent out a press release to assuage angry gamers who can no longer game on Xbox Live because they were banned by Microsoft for modding their Xbox 360. GamersFirst is offering gamers their free-to-play War Rock as an alternative for online multiplayer action with a few promotional campaigns. This is considering that if your console was banned you probably won’t be on Xbox Live anytime soon.

According to Joshua Hong, CEO of GamersFirst…
“Limiting options to gamers will not relieve piracy or hacking because it is the natural progression of today’s retail model,”…“The Free2Play model has consistently gained momentum because it allows the gamer to build around their game activity without the need for a cash investment. GamersFirst has built a strong and loyal community, based on principles that put joy back into the gaming experience.”

Piracy is a “natural progression” of today’s retail business model, eh? Hmm, that’s an interesting way to look at it. In fact, I imagine anyone who isn’t in the free-to-play business would probably argue that point vehemently.

Nevertheless, Hong has a good point. The economy is still on the fritz despite claims of a “recovery”, and a heck of a lot of people both Stateside and around the world are still out of work. It doesn’t justify piracy but no one can expect copyright infringement to up and disappear while a lot of people can’t find work to pay for stuff.

More than anything companies should be doing what GamersFirst is doing: adjusting the business model to the trends of the economy. That’s smart. At least Activision is acknowledge the dire situation of unemployment and has the Call of Duty Endowment in place.

Anyway, a special promotion is underway running up until December 12th that will offer new registrants the following specialty features in War Rock:

• An M4 Spectre: an exclusive premier gun, designed for high firepower at close range, this powerful weapon is accurate and deadly in the hands of a skill medic or engineer character.

• Stamina regeneration bonus of 5%

• Experience bonus of 20%