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Warframe Is About To Answer Its Biggest Mystery

Digital Extremes has been luring gamers along a path of mystery ever since Warframe originally launched back in 2013. The game is the spiritual successor to the third-person action shooter, Dark Sector. One of the game's biggest mysteries in Warframe – carried over from the 2008 shooter – has been what are the Tenno and what are the Warframes?

Game Informer did a nice little write-up on the newest update for Warframe that will answer the question of what the Tenno race are and how the Warframe armored suits came to be. The name of the update is called “The Second Dream” and Digital Extremes released the intro cinematic for it, assuming you don't mind obvious spoilers.

The update has already been live for PC gamers but is just now coming for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers. The intro cinematic above about the mysteries of the Tenno will supposedly focus more on a deadly foe in the game known as the Stalker. He's a dark, mysterious foe who hunts down and kills the Tenno (who are player characters), as depicted in the cinematic above.

The quest is called The Sentient Hunhow, named after the destroyer in the cinematic who appears to want to wipe the Tenno off the face of the galaxy. A lot of gamers who have not experienced The Second Dream update will finally find out more about the Lotus, the Tenno, the Stalker and the Warframes.

For people who don't follow Warframe, I imagine a lot of the information seems confusing, but once you start playing the game it all starts to make a bit more sense. The expansion with the new story content is also accompanied by a new playable Warframe class known as Ivara. The character is an archer-based class with a collection of skills that enable her to utilize trick arrow shots. There's a video for Ivara spotlighting her skills and abilities that you can check out below.

Fitting in line with the story missions in Warframe that highlight the Stalker's quest to kill the Tenno and the Hunhow aiding the Stalker, the Ivara Warframe utilizes a lot of stealth and ninja gear to avoid detection. What's more is that Ivara's invisibility and trick arrows make her a perfect rival for the Stalker given that she can get in and out of tough spots that other Warframes have a difficult time with, especially when the Stalker is actively hunting them.

Most of the community seems pretty fond of Ivara and her bow skills and they're also geeked about learning more about the Warframe universe with the Hunhow questline.

In addition to the story missions Digital Extremes have also added in a new PvP map and end-game content with alternating daily missions and some goodies from the loot pool.

Warframe's Second Dream update with the Sentient Hunhow questline is available on PC now, launches soon on PS4 and will arrive shortly thereafter for the Xbox One.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.