Warframe Adds Free Emotes Following Destiny's New Paid Emotes

Bungie recently made some announcements about the upcoming Destiny: The Taken King expansion pack and that originally gamers who already owned the game would have to pay the full price of the Collector's Edition in order to get new emotes, shaders and other trinkets. Later, after gamers became incensed with them, Bungie dropped the price of the new content to a $20 upgrade pack. Well, Digital Extremes did one better by releasing brand new emotes in Warframe... for free.

Gamespot spotted the new update for Warframe that went live earlier this week just after the Bungie kerfuffle kicked into play. Over on the official Warframe website a very simple post reads...

“Four free Emotes available now. Three NEW Emotes -- the Clap Emote, Shrug Emote and Fathom Narta -- and one returning -- the Eclipse Narta -- will give your Warframe some added personality.”

The emotes are free and allow you to use them in the game during opportune times when you're either engaged in PvP or you just won a hard-fought cooperative map.

The new emotes in Warframe almost look like a direct response to Destiny – especially since both games get compared to one another quite a bit, and they're both sci-fi cooperative shooters, only that Warframe actually has real gameplay that scales for hundreds of hours of play with tons of unique and original content.

The issue with Destiny: The Taken King is that a lot of people are growing a bit tired with Destiny and the high-price of the expansion and the walled off content behind the even more experience Collector's Edition had people throwing their arms up in complete frustration.

Things became even more inflammatory when Bungie offered an apology about gamers wanting to “throw money at the screen” for the Collector's Edition emotes and shaders. This was particularly insulting for gamers who already purchased the limited edition of Destiny and would then be required to shell out the full price and then some for the exact same content in order to get their hands on the exclusive content.

While Warframe is free-to-play, Digital Extremes has been praised regularly by the community for their approach to offering reasonable cash shop items and a game that can be enjoyed without the cash shop at all.

Warframe is also on the PS4 and Xbox One in addition to being on PC, and they've done a lot to add brand new content over the years and expand the game in ways that many people didn't even think possible, like the arcade-style space missions and advanced melee combat with different styles.

The emotes for Warframe are available right now and have already been updated into the client software.

Destiny, alternatively, will see the release of the Taken King at the end of the summer.

I do wonder how diehard Destiny fans still view the game and if the gesture of goodwill from Digital Extremes with the free emotes will win over the hearts and fandom of some Destiny players who have finally had enough of the game and are willing to trade one sci-fi adventure for another?

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.