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The Nintendo DS had a real gold-mining winner with the original Warioware. It’s obviously no surprise that Warioware Smooth Moves will consist of hand waving havoc for gamers, once they lay their hands on this game. Before you scurry out a pick it up you can take a look at this new gameplay trailer.

Featuring 15 different ways to hold and utilize the Wii-mote in multiple mini-games, Warioware smooth moves will allow players to do some dicing, some slicing, some shaking, some lifting, some swinging, and some jabbing. What also makes Smooth Moves so cool is that players won’t need that darn nunchuck to play the game. Nintendo pulled some super-marketing magic with the separate (yet costly) nunchuck and Wii-mote, given that not every game requires both devices.

Nevertheless, gamers who want some multiplayer action without the costly addition of the nunchuck will simply need two Wii-motes for Warioware. Kudos to Nintendo for taking cost into account of the next-gen. And with the unique uses of the Wii-mote, Warioware will surely capitalize on what Wii-Sports started, and excel Warioware and the Wii into a continued stream of successful sales. The game is a Wii-exclusive and retails at the suggested $48.99. Below, you can check out a U.S. gameplay trailer.