Watch These Adults React To Playing Team Fortress 2 For The First Time Ever

From the gaming YouTube video channel, React, comes a video from a series about adults and elders playing a kind of game for the first time. We’ve had coverage on elders reacting to the “repulsive” Grand Theft Auto V gameplay, but this one comes from a sentimental part of my heart. Watch the video below where these adults get to test out Team Fortress 2 for the very first time. Their reactions are priceless.

What’s great about this video is you were probably picturing older adults, more in their early 40’s or late 50’s, but really many of the adults in this video look like they are pretty young, late 20’s and maybe early 30’s. The catch is none of them have ever played Team Fortress 2, let alone have much knowledge about PC gaming, or gaming at all. Their knowledge and backgrounds vary, so each experience is different. One woman actually admits the only game she’s ever played is Tetris.

The first time I ever played Team Fortress 2, I was in college and I was still in my Xbox 360 phase, playing games like Halo and Call Of Duty (and the occasional Battlefield). So when I was introduced to Team Fortress 2, I was really confused. Here I was, coming from a background in playing more realistic first-person shooters, yet Team Fortress 2 was all about not being serious, from the hats obsession to leaving your mark on the walls of the map with custom images. This game was what helped me transition into PC gaming from console gaming—and no matter how poor my laptop was, I was going to run that game.

The adults in the video are introduced to the Payload game mode. As described in the video, this is when one team has to push a cart all of the way to the other side of the map and defending the cart so that it can be pushed successfully.

The adults’ reactions to the characters is pretty hilarious and spot-on, because one adult describes the Soldier class as a “total doofus” because she can’t even see his eyes under his helmet. Another adult described the Pyro class as having something to do with radiation.

You can imagine that the mere moments these adults spent with Team Fortress 2 enlightened and enriched these adults’ lives. I know Team Fortress 2 certainly made my life a little brighter. If you’d like to see more reaction videos, you can visit React’s YouTube channel.