So the time has come and E3 is upon us. The moment of truth is laid bare to all and the time to drop megatons has fallen over the gaming community like a dark cloud over a forest... except, the dark cloud is full of lightning containing hype and AAA blockbusters designed to knock all our socks off.

If you've come to see the roll out of new IP, brand new sequels in long running franchises and amazing new games that are coming to your favorite game console, you've come to the right place.

E3 2014 promises to be a huge event for all the players involved, whether you're sitting on the sidelines as a gamer watching the action unfold on the digital playfield, or you're a developer trying to break into the game with a unique indie title, or you're a big multi-billion dollar corporation trying to crush the competition, E3 is the place to be and it's the one mega-event that houses all the greatness, excellence and jump-in worthy content you won't find anywhere else all year long.

So prepare yourselves and be ready to be amazed, because E3 2014 is getting underway and we have all the conference coverage right here at the tips of your eyelids and the access of your fingertips.

If the feed above, provided by, is giving you trouble, you can check out a second stream provided by Gametrailers below.

If you're looking for more information about this year's E3, we have a catalog of news sources right from our E3 2014 information center. You can also keep track of all the conferences and the big new announcements by checking in on when the conference of your choice will go live with Gaming Blend's E3 conference schedule.

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