Watch GTA Online Players Destroy A Tank With Fireworks

Note: You might want to watch this with the sound off if you've got kids around. There's a lot of swearing over voice chat.

Rockstar Games recently added a firework launcher to GTA 5's multiplayer component GTA Online. A group of players decided to put this festive new weapon to the test by using them to destroy a tank.

As you might guess, it takes a lot of fireworks to destroy the tank. The weapon's more style than substance. Though the launcher resembles an RPG, it doesn't have nearly as much power. A player who shoots one at their own feet will only lose about half their health. To make matters worse, each rocket costs about $600.

If you're willing to spend a lot of time and money, though, it's possible to take down a tank. The good folks of GTAX accomplished the feat over the course of 10 minutes. They had several players firing off rockets in volleys to make the process quicker but it was still a slog.

The big challenge turned out to be the police. The Los Santos Police Department doesn't look kindly on citizens creating raging infernos in city limits. If you're looking to replicate this feat, you should call Lester and use Turn Blind Eye, which forces the cops to ignore any crimes you commit for three minutes. However, this costs $5000 and only applies to you so that'll make the cost of this endeavor even more astronomical.

After roughly 1017 fireworks, the tank was destroyed. The total price tag was about $610,200. As the video notes, though, you might be able to shave off some of that cost with better execution.

The firework launcher was introduced in GTA Online's Independence Day Special. The free update arrived on Xbox 360 and PS3 on July 1st. It also introduced new vehicles, apartments and patriotic fashion options.

If you want to use the firework launcher to slowly blow something up, you'll need to do it soon though. The launcher's ammo will only be sold on special occasions.

"The Fireworks Launcher is a special holiday item and does not function like a traditional weapon," explains a dev post on the Rockstar Support site. "Once purchased, the launcher will be owned permanently and will remain in your inventory during non-holiday periods as long as you have special fireworks ammo in possession. Outside of designated holiday periods, the weapon will be hidden in your inventory once your fireworks ammo has been depleted."

"The Fireworks Launcher along with its ammo will be available again during holidays and other special events when fireworks are traditionally let off. At the beginning of any holiday or special event where fireworks are available, players who purchased the weapon previously will receive one free full refill of ammo per qualifying event in order to make sure players can celebrate."

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Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.