Watch Star Wars: Battlefront's New Co-Op Survival Mode

DICE and EA awakened a sleeping giant of fanboyism when they finally unveiled the gameplay of Star Wars: Battlefront during the E3 press conference. In addition to showing the multiplayer versus skirmishes, they also revealed a brand new solo or cooperative Survival Mode that you can check out below.

They briefly discuss the Star Wars: Battlefront Survival Mode over on the official website, but the brunt of the gist was rolled out on the stage during EA's press conference. The mode will allow players to take on waves of enemies that increase in difficulty per each wave.

Players will have their characters and a loudout of equipment. It's still difficult to get an exact gauge on how the weapon loadouts will work, but over on Stevivor they did mention that there are no traditional classes and that players instead will be able to build their own custom character loadouts.

In the previous Star Wars: Battlefront multiplayer video we saw a variety of character abilities in the video, including things like jetpacks, shields, rocket launchers, pistols, grenades and explosives.

In the Survival Mode showcased in the video above the loadouts for both characters is kept very basic. One character has a blaster pistol, a shield and a jetpack, while the other character has a rifle, a jetpack and an orbital strike call-in.

Players will be able to choose from three different items as showcased in the video, and some items will need to cooldown, recharge or require ammo refills.

This custom loadout feature is actually a really highly requested feature from the community so they can choose what their character looks like and then what sort of weapons they're equipped with. In the previous Star Wars: Battlefront games on the PS2 and Xbox, there was a massive limitation on the game from the hardware side that limited those customization options. When modders tried forcing some options into the console version of the game and giving some characters weapons and skills they weren't meant to have the game would crash.

So it's cool having that new level of customization available for the home consoles with Star Wars: Battlefront, and the loadouts will definitely play a part in how players will deal with different waves of enemies in the Survival Mode. So that's pretty cool insofar that there will be a lot of replay attached to that mode alone and the ability to modify loadouts in Battlefront.

We don't see any vehicular usage from the Rebel side during the video, but they do manage to take out two AT-STs by themselves. It instantly makes you wonder what happens if you don't bring enough explosives into the mode? So it'll be interesting to see more of this mode as Star Wars: Battlefront draws closer to release for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC later this year.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.