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John Carpenter revealed this week that Konami almost got sued for "ripping off" his film Escape from New York with Metal Gear Solid. He decided against a lawsuit, though, because designer Hideo Kojima is "a nice guy."

Maybe he also realized that they didn't have a case. Other than Snake's name and general appearance, what did the game really copy? I guess I must've missed the scene in Escape from New York where Kurt Russell fought a psychic with a gas mask or helped a robot ninja destroy a nuclear war machine. MGS was definitely inspired by hat film but no one can argue with a straight face it's just a rip-off.

Anyway, here's what you missed this week:

Top Stories of the Week
Destiny Boss Beaten With Rock Band Drums - Someone please buy this guy a new game.

Metal Gear Solid Creators Almost Got Sued By John Carpenter - I don't think anyone would mind seeing Konami sued these days.

Quantic Dream Announces PS4 Exclusive Detroit - Drink every time David Cage says "emotions" in the announcement.

PSN Could Be Adding These Most-Wanted Features Soon - Bold, circle and triple underline the word "could."

Sega Apologizes For Sonic Character Named Boob - You had me at "Sega Apologizes For Sonic."

Xbox One Sales Aren't As Important To Microsoft Now - "We might be losing in sales, but we're winning in moxie and gumption!"

Why Cortana Is Naked In Halo - Because she was created from a cloned human brain! Yeah, that's the ticket!

Nintendo's First Mobile Game Isn't What You Expected At All - This is the most Nintendo idea ever.

Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Has Microtransactions - This is really a "dog bites man" story these days, isn't it?

Darth Maul Game Developers Hoping To Resurrect Cancelled Project - Our last, best chance to kill Jar-Jar Binks.

Video of the Week
Grand Theft Auto V now has an Incredible Hulk mod:

Quote of the Week
"One point was that there was too much close-up killing – he found it a bit too horrible. I don’t think I did anything with that input. The second point was, he felt the game was too tragic, with all the killing. He suggested that it might be nice if, at the end of the game, you got to shake hands with all your enemies in the hospital." - GoldenEye 007 director Martin Hollis, recalling feedback on the game from Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto.

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