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Destiny Boss Beaten With Rock Band Drums

For a long time gamers had trouble trying to defeat Crota in the Crota's End raid, which was part of the Dark Below expansion for Destiny. It required a lot of teamwork, determination and skill. Well, one gamer managed to solo Crota... using nothing but the drum kit from Rock Band.

It seems to crazy to be true, but Eurogamer picked up the story from a YouTube video posted showing off the amazing feat by a certain Sean Gallagher. You can see the video below, which clocks in at close to nine minutes.

Gallagher basically has to use a lot of patience, wit and timing to get through the segment and defeat Crota. Aiming, moving and attacking are somewhat difficult, as showcased in the video above. His movements are stilted and disjointed and his aiming is not precise at all. Even still, Gallagher uses the low FOV of Destiny to his advantage by attempting to align with where the enemies will be centered on the screen to shoot them.

For Crota, Gallagher rinses and repeats the method of climbing up on the platform, taking a few swipes and then retreating to a safe haven to wait for the boss to return. He rinses and repeats this method a couple of times over until seven minutes into the video he finally defeats the raid boss.

Gamers and fans of Destiny had nothing but cheers and congratulations to share to Gallagher for managing to defeat Crota under such ridiculous circumstances. Gallagher thanks gamer fUnderdog for setting up the drum kit to make it possible, but it was an impeccable sense of timing and dedication that allowed him to defeat the boss using nothing but a Rock Band kit to do so.

According to some users, when Gallagher was recording this feat on Twitch it took him around 45 minutes to an hour to complete this boss fight. It was estimated that it took around 20 tries to beat Crota before landing on the magic formula that was captured in the video above.

Various others mentioned how difficult it was just trying to beat Crota with a team, much less how much more difficult it was attempting to solo him. Now add on to this the fact that Gallagher was playing Destiny with a Rock Band drum kit and it all starts to seem surreal.

Nevertheless, one thing is absolutely clear: Gallagher has some serious gaming chops and video game bosses should be wary messing with a dude who can take down one of the galaxy's best with just some wooden spoons and a few drum pads.

Many Destiny fans are already saying that this will make it as the moment of the week in Bungie's weekly update, so we'll see if it makes the cut assuming something more spectacular doesn't happen between that time.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.