Sega Apologizes For Sonic Character Named Boob

Sega has been in the news quite a bit, but usually not for the reasons you would hope for. Unless, of course, you were hoping for them to be in the news for typos and constant blunders when it comes to releasing broken games, because that's exactly what they're in the news for.

According to Comic Book, one of the copy editors working on Sonic Runners mistakenly named a character “Boob” instead of “Boo”. This typo was caught pretty quick and they sent out a short notice to let gamers know that they did not intend to offend anyone and that they would rectify the problem as quickly as possible. The in-game notice reads...

In the current 'Halloween Special Stage' event, the character 'Boo' has been incorrectly named 'Boob'. We are currently working on a fix for this error and hope to have one implemented shortly.The Sonic Runners team apologizes for any inconvenience caused and hopes to see you again soon in the world of SONIC RUNNERS.

It's really strange because for the time it took them to make the notification and update the app, they could have very well gone into the code and searched out the name “Boob” and replaced it with “Boo” and updated the game level. No one would have been the wiser.

In a way, they've brought more attention onto themselves by making it known that the character was mistakenly named “Boob” as opposed to being “Boo”.

The character's actual name is “King Boom Boo” and you can see the Halloween level in action with the gameplay video below courtesy of Android app gamer.

The character's name is mostly only mentioned at the end of levels, but otherwise it's pretty easy to miss. It's not like naming Raiden as “Rayden” in the old Mortal Kombat 2.

Even still, at least Sega was upfront about their blunder and they decided to hop to it and fix it before someone called them out on it on Twitter or some such and there's a massive social media blowout over the whole thing. In that regards, it does make sense why Sega would want to quickly rectify the problem in the mobile Sonic game as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for the blue hedgehog he's been in a rut lately. Sonic Runners has been a bit of a mobile highlight in his career given that it's at least fun for what it is and it doesn't suck and it's not full of glitches like Sonic Boom.

Sega hasn't put a whole lot of love into the Sonic franchise lately and the series has really dropped off the radar of quality. It would be great if they could get back to making more games like Sonic Generations, which was actually well designed and fun. But for now Sega seems to be content making mobile games and spin-off titles like Fire And Ice. At least they make sure they correct typos as soon as possible.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.