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Final week of June is upon us and the month that leads into summer started with a bang and followed through with a few noteworthy entries. For instance, there is a new IP coming out from Gearbox called Modern War Hero, as you may have read earlier in the week ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda Software, bought out legendary development studio id Software, the makers of Doom and Quake. There was also some news earlier in the week regarding a fix for some unwelcoming Sims 3 bugs. As always, be sure to check out some of the latest trailers below, which were released this week for some of the hottest games.


Final Fantasy 13 Action Figures Revealed. If you can’t wait for the game you can definitely get your hands on some new action figures.

Mass Effect DLC Coming In August. This is just a rumor but Mass Effect fans will probably want to check this news out, regardless.

Left 4 Dead Toolset and User Generated Content Is now Available. Valve made some new Left 4 Dead toolset content available for user-generated content.

Enrapturing New Bioshock 2 Details. If you haven’t scoped out this news yet now might be a good time.


Tony Hawk Skateboard Peripheral Will Be Used In Other Games. It’s good to know gamers won’t be wasting their money on a peripheral that can only be used on one game.

Tekken 6 Pre-order Details And Release Date Confirmed. This also includes a neat fight stick. Click the link to find out more.

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars Coming To PSP. As always, expect obscenities, sexual content and enough violence to fulfill your GTA needs.

Left 4 Dead 2 Not Coming To PS3. It’s final, Valve is not porting this game to a system they seem to absolutely abhor.


Review For Black Sigil. Blend Games’ Andy Keener lays down some review scores for this DS title.

Best Buy Enters The Used Game Market. Well, the more options for getting used games, the better.

Max Payne 3 Screenshots Show How Max Really Let Himself Go. Think along the lines of a medieval blacksmith. Yeah, he really let himself go.

Atlantica Online Is Giving Away Cars, Consoles And Computers. It’s actually possible to play a game and get stuff that will actually help out during these tough economic times.

M17x Laptop Contests Features Left 4 Dead And Counter-Strike: Source. If you need a new laptop and like shooting zombies this is definitely a contest worth checking out.

Modern Warfare 2 Has Two-Player Special Ops Mode. Finally, some cooperative play for one of the most popular shooter games of all time.

Fallout 3 Point Lookout Bugged As Well (Updated) Is it really surprising that the third DLC would be bugged like the previous two content packs?

Tropico 3 Coming To Xbox 360. Sorry PS3 owners you won’t be getting this one.

EA Hints At Command And Conquer 4. Because why stop at three when the series just keeps making money?


Venan Entertainment Announces New Development Team. Electronic Theatre reports on the new team and the new game coming from said team.

BioWare And Mythic Entertainment Join Forces. Now that’s a big collaboration. Find out what the project will be…think along the line of MMO and RPG.

DarkEden Extreme 2.41 Release Makes It Even More Extreme. Now featuring even more vampire versus hunter action.

Samurai Showdown: Edge Of Destiny Character Trailer. The new 3D venture of SNK’s swordplay game just received a new character trailer.

Prototype And GameStop Team For Daily Giveaways. The least you could win is a $50 gift card and that’s not half bad.

ZeniMax Media Purchases id Software. Or as John Romero said, “Fallout 3 just bought Doom”.


EA Posts Update To Fix Sims 3 Glitches. There’s some big fixes to some big glitches in the game, including the baby-stealing babysitter bug.

Midnight Gaming Championship Tour Starts Now. The tour is officially underway and you can check out the article to see where it starts or when it’ll be arriving in your neck of the woods.

Romero Apologizes For Trashing Zenimax Acquisition Of id Software. Romero was never a happy fellow and his Twitter post seems to further confirm that.

What The Hell Is Modern War Hero? The answer might be found in the article. Click the link to find out more.

Brutal Legend Hands-On Preview. TGR offers up some hands-on for the highly anticipated action title.

Angelina Jolie Is Furious At Possibility Of Megan Fox As Lara Croft. Looks like the cat claws are coming out even though Megan Fox was officially ruled out as Lara Croft.


Fragile Screenshots Released. Electronic Theatre puts up a set of new screenshots from Rising Star’s new title.

GamersGate Will Be Offering Anime-Indie Games. It involves some Rockin’ Androids, too. And we all love rocking robots.

Square Enix Teases New Game. Think countdown timer, website and more than liely something on the line of an RPG.

Magna Carta 2 In-Game Footage. The game looks as impressive as it sounds…well, maybe it looks a little better than how it sounds.

Trine Hands-On Preview. The Game Reviews offers up a hands-on preview for one of the most highly awaited physics-based platform games.

Lord Of The Rings: War In The North Revealed. Does this mean they’ve moved from the middle-Earth to the north-Earth?

Tropico 3 Beta Sign-Ups Begin Now. That’s right, it’s time to hunker down and sign-in for the upcoming Tropico 3 beta.

Syndicate Designer Says EA Won’t Make A Sequel. It’s a shame, too. Syndicate was a pretty cool game.


Braid Designer Has Four Ideas For Next Game. This guarantees that four good games are coming your war. Once the designer figures out what they will be.

THQ Making Its Own Gaming Peripheral. As if all the Wii-mote spin-offs aren’t enough it appears there will be more.

Tecmo Koei Europe Launch Event Highlights. Believe it or not Tecmo and Koei are now business partners in Europe.

The Beatles Rock Band Hands-On Preview. The Game Reviews offers up some hands-on feedback with this music/rhythm game.

Mass Effect 2 Hands-On Preview. Rounding out the week is another preview from The Games Review that takes a look at one of the most highly anticipated games for the Xbox 360.

That wraps up the week ending on June 27th here at Blend Games. Be sure to stay tuned in for more news, information and updates. We round out the week with a beta test video of the Silverstone track from the PS3 exclusive, SuperCar Challenge. Enjoy.

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